• Practise world class teacher education and use this as a method of teacher empowerment.
  • Practise a skill-oriented and technology-centred teacher education to develop a team of teachers who can practice the profession successfully in any part of the world.
  • Develop a new cadre of teacher educators who have imbibed the right values, attitude towards education and environment.
  • A sense of discipline and moral values among teachers by developing competence to evolve solutions for some of the burning problems faced by the present day society
  • Develop and practice a teacher education programme to empower the disadvantaged and the marginalized sections of society.
  • Evolve new methodologies for teacher education which will help teachers to develop organizational skills through teamwork, collaboration and co-operation.
  • Develop a humanistic model of teacher education which will help to reform the minds of the teachers through new practices.
  • Help nearby schools and lower level teacher education institutions to get acquainted with new knowledge relating to teacher education and use of research practices for solving problems faced by such institutions.
  • Develop communication skills, computer skills and life skills among student teachers.