Practice Teaching :-

  • Practice Teaching, also called School Life Experience, which is organized in schools chosen by the College for the purpose.
  • The college often organizes seminars, symposia for academics excellence and encourages participation of its students in cultural activities for a multidimensional growth of their community instill a sense of socia l concern. Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for exposure to the diverse spectrum of Indian socio cultural life. Besides aiming at academic excellence, the college attempts to instill social sensitivity and develop cultural affinity in its students.
  • Educational excursion is organized at least once a year,the expenditure towards which is borne by the students. Picnic is a regular annual feature of the B.Ed programme. Subject projects and field trips are arranged periodically for supporting academics.

  • Workshop :-

  • The College periodically organizes workshops for overall development of the students.

  • Sports :-

  • The College will organize annual sports day every year.

  • Attendance :-

  • The students are expected to attend the classes and other activities regularly. Under unavoidable circumstances prior permission for leave is essential. Leave applications should be addressed to the Principal through the HOD. The minimum attendance of students teachers shall have to be 80% for all course work and practice and 90% for school internship.

  • Project Work Practical Exposure :-

  • Students undertake project work in their subject under the guidance of their guide faculty. The making of projects encourages them to read well about their project topics, indulge in field work, analyze and comprehend research data & reports, and make presentations to the faculty and batch mates for feedback and inputs.